Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Health Coach - Part 2

I like this picture because it's from a time when movement was nothing but fun. I adored gymnastics as a kid and that joy has translated into my love of yoga as an adult. Where else do you get to stand on your head as a grownup? It's also nice to see evidence of a time before my hormones went haywire and I was just a normal, cute little kid.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been working with a health coach to try and get things back on track. Sometimes you just need a little outside perspective! It's been a very positive experience and I would recommend that anyone who feels stuck to try working with someone.

Some things I've been working on:

  • Tracking all my food on My Fitness Pal
    • This is something I've actively resisted for a long time. Finding Paleo seemed to free me from the need for this but over time, the weight has started to creep back on. Seeing my food choices documented in black and white helps keep me honest and also allows for some wiggle room for a few indulgences within reason
    • I've finally made my peace with this. I've found that tracking things really does keep me accountable. I also must do this 100% for every penny I spend so it shouldn't surprise me that it's important for my food intake as well. I feel great about it these days, which has surprised me. I've let go of the resistance and I'm just letting it be a tool that is helping me. 

  • Meaningful Activity
    • I've been focusing on walking and yoga, mostly. I'm thinking about doing a membership at a local yoga studio -- it's the only "exercise" I really look forward to so why not go all in with it? 
    • I also think sprinting (interval training) is super important. I've only actually done it a couple times since instituting it as a goal but the plan is to an interval workout once a week: 30 seconds hard; 2 min recovery. Repeat for 15 minutes. Doesn't sound like much, but it really gets the heart rate up and has great hormonal effects. I use the elliptical at my work gym and do some stretching afterwards. 
My initial bundle of consultations is now up with my coach and I'm deliberating about whether to continue. I was indeed super helpful, but it is another budget item. It's coming down to either the coaching or the yoga membership at this point and I'm leaning towards the latter. I can always seek out help again if I feel like I'm slipping. 


primaljourney said...

So nice to read your posts, I'm in a similar boat as you so it's refreshing for me. Are you still including a slightly higher carb amount? After 3-4 years of very low carb I find I just cannot function like that anymore, I need at least 75-150gms daily to feel optimal but I get frustrated with the weight loss as I obviously don't get the same appetite suppressent affects as I did on VLC. I think I burnt out my adrenals after too much fasting and ultra low carb. Now I'm trying to find a balance of enough carbs to keep my brain happy and not too many calories so my weight doesn't balloon but not too low either, gosh it just feels hard sometimes! Sorry for the ramble, just thought you would relate somewhat x


Thanks so much for reading! I am a big fan of your blog :) I am including more carbs these days, but also tracking my food. Like you mentioned, VLC is a great appetite suppressant but I need to be mindful when I am eating carbs. I've finally come to peace with the need for me to track my calories -- I also track my spending the same way, so it's just a tool for keeping tabs. I'm not finding it oppressive like I once did -- my attitude about it has changed. It allows me to eat what I want with absolutely no guilt. It's just information that will help with my choices. If I go over what I intend one day, it usually evens out over the course of a few days. The app I use (My fitness pal) gives me a weekly average, which allows me to put the fluctuations in perspective. Right now, I've shifted more toward maintaining my weight as opposed to losing it, which does take some of the pressure off. Thanks for commenting!

primaljourney said...

Oh that's so funny! Lovely to hear :) I am enjoying the increase in energy from the inclusion of carbs, i too just have to be mindful and find tracking very helpful but have to be careful to not become obsessive about it. So pleased to hear you are finding a happy place, it's sure not any easy thing and maintaining weight is enough of a battle as it is but does take the pressure off :)

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