Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Veggie Week

Well, the Cute Man is in high gear with his detox. GO CUTE MAN! He is doing a great job and is staying on track. Lucky thing DOES get to stay home and play his Playstation all day if he chooses (gotta love Spring Break), but still. It’s not easy to limit your diet to just fruits and veggies. In solidarity, I’ve pretty much been eating like a Vegetarian myself this week. I didn’t even start off trying to do so but now that I’ve noticed I think I’ll keep it up for the week.

Since I am not as hard core as the CM, I am lucky enough to enjoy some treats from Trader Joe’s like their awesome soups and some veggie chicken nuggets with hoisen sauce. That stuff rocks, BTW. I had no idea. Thank you Rachel Ray for introducing me to the wonder that is hoisen sauce. I think it’s the same stuff I love at the Chinese restaurant that they serve with Moo Shu (sp?) dishes. You know the ones that are like Chinese fajitas? Well, I never noticed what it was called but apparently, it’s hoisen sauce and it’s an Asian version of BBQ sauce. My apologies to the more astute who must have known of this treasure long ago. But at 25 calories for a tablespoon, this stuff is my new passion. But I digress…

As a result of this new fiber packed culinary expedition my midsection looks and feels like something akin to a bean bag chair, or at least a bean bag pillow. Same consistency. Hmmm… Hopefully, this will subside. I can only imagine how CM must feel although he has not complained so maybe it’s just me.

On that lovely note, I’ll sign off. Any Vegetarians out there with some experience on this front? Please share…

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