Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where I’m Going

Now that I feel like I have my head screwed on straight about why I’m doing this, it’s time to get serious about my goals. The overarching goal is to get healthier and more balanced overall but that’s a bit too vague to really mean much. So, I’ve broken things up into more manageable and meaningful chunks.

Phase One of the Healthy Amelia Action Plan is to focus on weight loss and freedom from debt. Still vague. Hmm… Ok, I’ll break it down further...

Phase One Action Steps:

  • Keep within my daily/weekly Points allowance.
  • Complete at least 30 minutes of mindful activity four days per week (walking to the Metro doesn’t count!)
  • Track all food, exercise, and money expenditures in the appropriate journal.
  • Note current weight weekly on Mondays.
  • Take body measurements monthly on or about the 15th.
  • Note current debt load and savings level monthly on or about the 15th.

The timeframe on this Phase is open-ended. I will use the check-in times noted above to keep tabs on how I’m doing as I go along. Some milestones I expect to reach during Phase One include completing a Half Marathon (VA Beach Rock n’ Roll) in late August and knocking off each credit card one at a time within a year’s time.


Javabooknut said...

Hey Amelia - Great blog. Way more thoughtful and less random stream of consciousness than mine. I guess that shows the difference in how we work.

Anyway i really like this list. Especially your "mindful activity". I had gotten along so well for so long on just the waitressing that I wasn't ready when it wasn't enough anymore. I'm not sure I could do 4 days but maybe I'll start with one and we'll see where it goes.

I'm very proud of your success! I kind of wish people were still complaining I was losing too fast ;)


Java – thanks so much for commenting!!! I think what you said about shooting for 1 day of exercise to start with is a great idea. Starting with too much all at once can be daunting. I’ve been layering on the different things that I’m doing. That is why I’m scaling back my walking/jogging goals – I was shooting for 45 minutes at a stretch and that was just too much. So now, I’ll just do 30 minutes a pop so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming. I’m starting to not be so all-or-nothing, an attitude that did not serve me well.