Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Around the Web

Free from Broke has a contest going. If you link to his post about your personal finance tipping point, you get entered to win an Amazon gift card. Sign me up! My tipping point came around the time my last relationship ended. I think that just gave me the space to truly focus on myself and get my act together. Becoming involved with Cute Man certainly helped, too. He’s just about the most responsible person I’ve ever met. Meshing my lifestyle with his served to reinforce my new (better) habits.

The Cute Man and I really don’t argue about financial stuff. We usually just talk about what we plan to do and then come up with a plan. We come at spending/saving from slightly different perspectives but seem to be able to recognize and accommodate each others’ views. This is pretty cool and I should be super grateful for this. It was fun to read Miel’s tips about Financial Debates and think about all the things we’re doing right. Good feeling.

I was psyched to read about Mapgirl’s Friday Night Triple feature at a drive-in. I have already added a trip to B-more on Saturday night to my Birthday Stay-cation week plans in August.

I’ve been meaning to comment on Sally Parrott Ashbrook’s two posts from last week: Patterns Matter and The Things We Carry. There really is something to be learned from all of the unplanned experiences in life. Some are challenging and some are down right tragic, but if we make it through to the next day there’s something to be learned. I always joke with my husband about how I should send my Ex a thank you note. Without that experience, I’d never have met him. So even though I do not wish to be in contact, I am grateful for all that experience taught me.

There’s a lot of chatter in the personal finance sites about “passive income”. Wouldn’t it be nice to have money flowing in without any effort? Flexo at Consumerism Commentary debunks this idea by pointing out that most income producing pursuits are inherently ACTIVE. You can’t earn money from blogging without providing content, for example. As for me, I put up a couple AdSense ads just to see what would happen. I don’t really hold out much hope for making money that way, though. Good thing that wasn’t my goal in starting this site.


Free From Broke said...

I've already seem a few people talk about how their debt was linked with an ex. Same for me. Having a partner with similar financial views is important in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your story!

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