Monday, June 9, 2008

How I Plan to Save Money This Summer*

My biggest money saver this summer is NOT DRIVING. Who knew I would seem like a genius for donating my car over a year and a half ago. I feel like the fashionable-urbanite-on-the-go heading off to work on the Metro and doing the occasional Trader Joe’s run in a Zip Car. And I get to feel virtuous, too. I’m saving the environment!

The second big money saver is the decision to do a Stay-cation instead of going somewhere for a vacation this year. There will be time enough to gallivant when the debt is gone. And let’s face it. I love being home. Sure, traveling is great, but I’d just as soon enjoy some down time with the Cute Man at home. So no huge hardship there. It will also line up with my birthday so we’ll spend Cute Man’s B-day budget on fun stuff around here and little luxuries (massage, anyone?) I don’t always get to indulge in. This one is win/win, for sure.

And lastly, I am recommitting to NOT BUYING RANDOM CRAP – like all things Starbucks, work lunches, etc. I’ve picked that bad habit up a bit as of late and that’s just not cool. I am determined to stock the home pantry well so I feel excited about what I can treat myself to at home and bring along.

*Shameless attempt to win another contest for an Amazon Gift Card from Free From Broke and the Money Life Network. See the post about it here.

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