Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Health and Wellness Committee

Today was the first meeting of a new group at my organization. I am so excited to be a part of it – both for what I can share with my coworkers and what I can learn about being a healthier person myself.

Some of the exciting things we talked about included a new dedicated space for fitness classes that should be ready around September 1st. In addition to the yoga classes we now have, we’ll probably have Pilates (we’re testing that out this week) and discussed other fun things such as Zumba and Jazzercise (yes, really. I think it’s quite the flashback to 1982, but whatever floats your boat!)

The committee will tackle a much larger scope than just fitness classes, though. We talked about perhaps starting a Behavioral Change Program to assist those who need a jump start into a healthier lifestyle. Other ideas included healthy cooking classes, a possible reward system for healthier choices, and just different ways to promote joyful movement.

It’s just great that the discussion is moving forward. I feel really fortunate to work for an employer that values employee health and resilience. It does make sense – happier, healthier employees are easier to retain. I hope this trend continues to catch on elsewhere, as well.

One of the committee Chairs mentioned her work with the Association of Size Diversity and Health. Sounds like a very specialized organization. I wonder what they actually do – I’m off to check it out…


Anonymous said...

That is such a great thing that your employer is so supportive of these ideas. And they will benefit too with folks who feel better, have more clarity, and so forth.

My vote is for the healthy cooking classes! :)

Unknown said...

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