Monday, August 25, 2008

Back At It

I feel incredibly proud of all I have accomplished in the realm of my finances. It feels so fantastic, I can’t even tell you. But my eating and activity habits have been completely off track. I have to come clean and start fresh. I finally got up the courage to get on the scale this morning and face the music. 238 lbs. Oh, boy. That means I’ve gained 16lbs over the past 4 months. Wow. That was a real shocker and I’m truly fighting the urge to wallow in this perceived failure.

But instead, I’m going to focus on what I can do to change this. I am not helpless – I know what to do. Since Friday, I’ve started back at the gym (Friday) and yoga (Saturday). I’ve also started tracking my food a la Weight Watchers. In a few moments I’ll head on over to do the elliptical during lunch. I find myself looking forward to it – I LIKE the feeling of moving my body. If I concentrate on that, I know I will be successful. I am not punishing myself for gaining weight, I’m choosing to take better care of myself. This, I can do.

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