Monday, September 29, 2008

The Price of Honesty – Apparently, $5

I bought a cardigan and some pants at Lucy on Friday without trying them on. They’ve got a good return policy so I figured I try them on later. When I did, I discovered that an extra pair of pants were in my bag! They were mediums and weren’t anything I had looked at or anything. It must have just been the sales person’s mistake when bagging up my stuff.

When I tried on my new purchases, the cardigan was great but the pants I intended to get were too tight. Yikes! I tried the stretchy mediums on just for fun and they were tight but OK for yoga or something. There began the dilemma. What to do? I ran it by a few people who all confirmed that I should “do the right thing,” as Cute Man’s boss said harkening back to our discussion of Spike Lee movies.

So today, that’s what I did. I brought both pairs of pants back and explained. I decided to return my intended pants and get the mistake ones in my own size. I tried them on this time and they’re fabulous in the correct size. Score! The only problem is that the new pants were $10 more expensive then the old pants. The sales person took $5 off but I still wound up PAYING $5 when I saved them a ton of money by bringing back the pants I didn’t buy. I know it’s just the price of doing the right thing, but sheesh.

But I’ll be sporting my new pants at yoga tomorrow, that’s for sure.

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