Monday, September 8, 2008

Week One Update

I’ve been back from VA Beach for almost a week and even though it’s not a full week since I restarted my routine, I am doing a check-in. I like to do that on Mondays – it just makes sense to me for some reason. I did get on the scale and it was down 2.5lbs. Thank goodness. It just reinforces the idea that I know what to do – it’s the “doing it” part that is the kicker. I now just have to keep going. I am motivated! I am sick of feeling crappy.

The new recipes I tried (see last post) so far are great. The Teriyaki Chicken with Sesame Seeds was a yummy high protein snack/lunch yesterday. The Mushroom Barley Risotto was fab (even though Cute Man hated it, it was GOOD, in my opinion). It’s my lunch today. Yum! I didn’t get a chance to make the Balsamic Chicken but I’ll give it a shot this week. I really want to make the Mac and Cheese recipe (I keep thinking about it) but have yet to come across the needed frozen pureed winter squash. Hmmm…

I plan to walk for 45-60 minutes again at lunch today. I’m actually looking forward to it. Go figure… I do like listening to my free books on tape that I download from the DC public library (you have to have a non-i-Pod MP3 player, which Cute Man got me). It’s a little inconvenient in the way it breaks up the book, etc. but free is free! And it makes the time go MUCH faster. There’s only so much doom and gloom on CNN I can take (it plays incessantly in my work’s gym). “The economy is in the toilet!” “Hurricane X has moved 6 centimeters since we talked about it last!” Sheesh… Books on tape win hands down.

So that’s it. Hard work = results. It’s a newsflash worthy of CNN for sure…

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