Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Checking My Progress

I love looking at all the different charts and graphs available on FitDay. It's good to see that I'm on the right track, even though my weigh-ins seem so stagnant on a daily basis. So far, my weight loss is following along with my goal pace, as you can see on the graph above. It’s only been one month but I am feeling really motivated by what I’ve done so far.

This week has been a little harder, though, and my calorie counts have been further up towards 1800 (the top of my range). I continue to be enthusiastic about tracking and I make sure to input everything, no matter what. This is a big step for me because I have tended to stick my head in the sand whenever I didn’t follow my plan exactly. The key right now is to use this data as a learning tool, rather than an instrument with which to judge myself. So far, so good!

Tonight is a bit of a challenge: I’m going to an event at Cute Man’s program. I’m looking forward to hearing his cute middle-schoolers read their literary love poems in honor of Valentine’s Day. But it just so happens to take place during my usual dinner hour. There will be refreshments, but that might be more of a hindrance than a help. I feel a bit anxious whenever I’m out of my normal routine. To counteract this, I’ve brought along a bit more food to eat during the day at work as well as a Luna Bar to have while others indulge in whatever is there at the event. When I get home, I plan to have a small cheese omelet and a salad. Cute Man generally doesn’t like eggs for dinner, so he can have chicken if he feels up to cooking it. In the past, I would have automatically made sure to go along with his preferences so we could have the same meal. But I need to address my own needs first and a lighter, faster meal is what I’m going to need.

Taking the time to not only plan ahead, but to anticipate my needs in various situations is the most important lesson I’ve learned so far. I’ve decided to view my health and fitness goals as a type of hobby. It’s just what I do apart from spending time with Cute Man and work. I don’t see the time/effort of planning meals, shopping, cooking, and exercising to be something annoying I just have to do. These tasks can be fun and are extremely rewarding. Whenever I start to feel frustrated, I focus on that aspect and I bring my attitude around.

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Anonymous said...

Well done you! Slow and steady wins the race! It is good that you are focused on lifestyle changes rather than "weight loss/diet" the former is long term and balanced.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my latest posts. I wish you blessings with health and the family that awaits!