Monday, April 27, 2009

Back from the Brink or Day 3 of the 10 Day Challenge

OK, so I got off to a good start with that Jillian workout. But I basically fell off a cliff into a binge yesterday. It started with a little overindulgence at dinner Saturday night with Cute Man. But it pretty much snowballed yesterday. I can blame PMS all I want but it won’t change the result.

So now I’ve ‘fessed up and feel better :) There’s no use dwelling on what was wrong with this past weekend. I’m ready to get myself back together starting NOW. Having the routine of the workweek certainly helps. My goal for today is to just eat the food I’ve pre-planned and just relax with it. There’s no sense of punishing myself for “bad” behavior, rather it makes more sense just to get back at it. So here I am :)

Tonight is my circuit training class so I feel good that I have some serious exercise planned. It always gives my confidence a boost. So what’s your motivation for today? Please share in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Just forgive yourself & move on, we all have days like that! I hope you enjoyed your classes?

What motivates me is blogging & taking pictures of my food! It makes me accountable!

Megan said...

Woo, go Amelia! I've been trying to get back into a good routine, and it's tough, but not too bad. I've been thinking about picking up Jillian's latest book. My mom's been reading it and says it's really interesting to see what she says about what you should and shouldn't eat and how that affects your metabolism more than you think. I think it's a lot about eating more naturally, avoiding processed foods and other things, which makes sense.


Thanks for the support, FT and Megan. I’m clawing my way back on track :)