Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 10 Gluten Free and Home Loan Approved!

Yep. It’s official. The loan has been approved and things are chugging along. Home ownership here we come! Now, it’s pretty much a waiting game as they build our house to-be. The timeline is still July or August for move-in. I’m personally routing for July, not only because it’s sooner and I’m inpatient, but because August is going to be a busy month. I have our annual convention in San Diego, Cute Man has his college trip with the kiddos. However, he does have a week off that month so that could come in handy! Either way, it will be a wonderful kind of busy.

In other news, I’m doing well with avoiding gluten. I’m not finding it all that difficult. I think I can say that the heartburn is a bit better (though not totally gone). And for the record, I have NOT given up coffee. The second day of that resulted in a near meltdown so I decided to pick my battles. I have replaced the stuff at work that they provide with my own instant from Trader Joes that I use to make iced coffee. I think it’s less oily and/or acidic so the tummy is happier, in any case.

Since I was at Trader Joes, I did decide to try out some of the GF products. So far, the pancake mix is a hit. LOVED IT. Literally the best mix I’ve used. Not kidding. I’ve also tried the brown rice spaghetti, which was good – I rinsed it well, which helps. The rice mac and cheese was good but a little unsettling to the tummy – I think it has more real dairy in it than the other kind that I seemed to be able to eat without a problem. I will try it again with Lactaid and see if that helps. I’m not worrying too much about the casein right now. After the coffee debacle, I’m trying one thing at a time. Maybe I’ll do a test taking that out later on, if it still seems like it may be a problem.

That all being said, I don’t want to become dependant on substitutes. I really do want to work towards eating more whole foods that are naturally gluten free. However, it’s nice to know these comfort foods are there when/if I want them and that they’re actually tasty.

Today happens to be tough one for me in terms of body image (I think PMS is the culprit!) but I’m trying not to draw any conclusions based on that. I have these days every now and again (roughly once a month!) so I tend to just discount them entirely and wait it out. So overall, I’m feeling good about this gluten free experiment so far and I plan to continue it indefinitely.


Christie {Honoring Health} said...

Make sure the instant coffee is gluten free, Trader Joe's has a really good labeling policy but many instant coffees have gluten in them.

It took a few months for my acid reflux to go completely away, it just got better over time.

Hang in there and let me know if you need help!


Thanks, Christie! I checked the label and it doesn’t say anything. There is no ingredient list – maybe because “coffee” is the only ingredient? It does hilariously say “donut not included” next to the picture of one on the label, though. I love Trader Joes… I think I’ll keep using it for now since it’s definitely much better than what I was using before and doesn’t seem to bother me.

Good point about the reflux taking time to subside. I can say that it IS noticeably better already. It was getting so bad previously that I was downing TUMS 1-3 times per day. I’m down to once every couple of days :)