Friday, October 14, 2011

Pecan Crusted Fish

This one is a definite winner! The nuts really stuck to the top and even survived flipping in the pan. The crunchy deliciousness of the pecans meshed well with the light buttery lemon/wine sauce. I chose to use some wild caught Alaskan Cod that I picked up at Trader Joe's recently. It had a great texture and paired very well with this recipe. The roasted broccoli I served with it almost didn't survive until Cute Man got home. I just love that stuff inexplicably!

This was another hit from the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook (p. 250). I must say that I've really been enjoying this experiment. It's nice to come home and already have a plan in place. It takes out all the decision making angst. Without a plan, it's much too easy for me to just phone it in and not put much effort into the meal. This is way more fun and results in some tasty excursions away from the old standbys.

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