Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meal plan - Make it Paleo Edition

I have been so excited to get started with my brand new copy of Make it Paleo. The photos alone are drool-worthy. With so many great recipes, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few. Since I'm purposely making enough with each recipe to have leftovers, these probably will be cooked and eaten over the next couple weeks:

1. Lamb meatballs with mint pesto over zucchini noodles p. 160

2. Chicken with Garlic p. 186

3. Smoked paprika chicken p. 194

4. Halibut en papillote p. 234

5. Taco Salad p. 278

6. Pot Roast p. 288

7. Butternut Squash soup p. 290


Suzie_B said...

This is such a great cookbook! Be sure to try the Coconut-Nested Eggs on pg 64. It is such a simple recipe, yet very creative and yummy. I've made a half dozen recipes (mostly breakfast)so far from this book and they are all So Good!


While you started with breakfasts, I'm starting with dinners! The lamb meatballs were really good. I decided not to bother with the zucchini noodles and just ate them as is with the mint pesto. I have to admit that the mint pesto wasn’t my favorite thing in the world. It was good, but not necessarily my thing. I’ll probably make the meatballs again, just not bother with the sauce. They were super yummy plain.

The Coconut-Nested Eggs look really fun for a brunch. I will keep that in mind next time we have people over!

MJ said...

Sounds soooo good! I think I need to get this book to add to my (bulging) cookbook shelf! I love eggs, so just the name of the coconut-nested eggs sounds great. Also curious about the chicken and the halibut! Do tell how it goes!!


You definitely can't go wrong with this cookbook, MJ! I'm so impressed already. Their treats are amazing. Making mint chip ice cream tonight :)