Thursday, April 5, 2012

Passover Seder Menu

On Saturday, I’m very much looking forward to having a good group of family and friends over for a Passover Seder. It is a wonderful tradition that has always been particularly meaningful to our family. My grandfather used to say that he was a “culinary Jew”, so the food has always been superb. But seriously, it is a great holiday that reminds us of an important part of our history and connects us all through our common humanity. My mother does an amazing job each year of tailoring the readings to the group of people who will be there and infuses the whole experience with her love and passion not only for Judaism, but for all people. As a result, it is a very inclusive event at which everyone is welcome and the guests are almost never all Jewish themselves.

And this year, it’s going to be at my house! This is momentous because this will be the first time my Mom and Gram will get to check out our “new” (almost two year old) digs. I can’t wait! I have lots of good food on tap for this occasion. It will not all be Paleo-friendly (matzo balls just should not be messed around with - I did try and it was kind of sad). Here’s a preview:
  • Crudités with Creamy Onion Dill Dressing and chopped liver (I am bravely going to try this!)
  • Matzo Ball Soup
  • Gefilte Fish (WF)
  • Apple Walnut Charoset (WF)
  • Fig and Pistachio Charoset (WF)
  • Broiled Salmon with Lemon
  • Braised Beef Brisket
  • Green Beans with almond slivers
  • Red Potatoes with Olive Oil and Rosemary
  • Fruit Platter and Tea/Coffee for dessert
*(WF) I will be picking these items up at Whole Foods pre-made. Don't judge. Their stuff is delicious! Even the gefilte fish tastes good and that's saying something. It's because it's freshly made - the stuff out of the jar just does NOT compare.



Gwen said...

Chopped liver scares me, Amelia! But the rest sounds delish. I miss Seder with my friends in Jersey! XOXO


Yeah, the chopped liver was a bust, but that came as NO surprise :)