Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Domino's "Gluten Free" Pizza

That happened. And by "that", I mean the photo of the Domino's Gluten Free Pizza that accompanies this post. It's a 10 inch pie and it all went in my mouth in one sitting and was DELICIOUS (yes, I'm yelling that).

There has been controversy about Domino's decision to introduce a "gluten free" product that actually makes no claims to be safe for people avoiding gluten. Say what? I know it makes no sense. Basically, it's made with gluten free ingredients but is assembled in the same kitchens where the rest of their pizzas are made. Cross-contamination is a given.

So, why did I order this? I was curious. I generally don't worry about cross-contamination. As long as I don't order food that explicitly contains wheat, I'm fine. I don't get digestive distress at all (even with large doses) and only get the brain fog/moodiness/exhaustion when I eat an actual serving of an offending food. Who the heck knows what's happening under the hood, but as far as I can tell, minute amounts don't phase me. Considering I thoughtfully source and cook the majority of the food I eat on a daily basis, I am not too worried about the things I cannot reasonably control. Thus, the decision to order said pie.

That all being said, I do not support the business decision Domino's made to develop a product that is unsafe for its intended market (duh!) Also, I promptly passed out for two hours roughly 15 minutes after ingesting the pizza. I am not used to that amount of carbs at one time, so it's not surprising. All in all, it was tasty but not at all a healthy choice for me. It will not be a regular part of my life.

I will be trying out the Domestic Man's take on gluten free pizza soon. It is also carb-laden but at least I am clear on all the ingredients and will have to earn it by physically making it myself! I also don't plan to eat an entire pie by myself again (progress!)

Am I the only one with this gluten free pizza obsession? Have you found a good alternative to hit that pizza spot?


Heather said...

I was just introduced to your blog by the Paleo Parents. Every so often I indulge in GF pizza, as I have a local private pizza guy around the corner from my house. It's very convenient, tasty, and it's a small business instead of a chain. I am so lucky! Otherwise, I usually use the crust off Mark's Daily Apple to make my own, but I will check out the one you link to right now!


Glad you found me, Heather! The Domestic Man's version is amazing. It has more carbs than an almond flour crust, but tastes much better, in my opinion. It uses a lot of dairy, though, so I'm looking for ways to substitute. I think coconut milk instead of heavy cream will work. I'm just not sure about subbing the parmesan. I've been using romano, which is from sheep's milk and doesn't "seem" so bother me.