Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricky Thoughts about Treats

I am sitting near my front door in between trick or treaters. I am not eating even one piece of Halloween candy. I'm not smug about it. Rather, I'm wary. It's often when I make it through a time of great temptation that I wind up with a backlash shortly thereafter. It's almost like rewarding myself for being "good". But I know there's not really any good or bad. It just is. I remind myself... Halloween candy is not special. It's just abundant. This stuff exists at anytime so I don't have to fear that I'm missing something. 

Still, a little bowl with a tablespoon each of nut butter and dark chocolate chips comforts me as I sit next to a huge bowl of tiny individually wrapped confections. Now, some Gingerbread Tea. I can do this. 

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