Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Attitude Readjustment

OK, so wasn’t it just last week that I was saying it was time to stop all the “battling and struggling”? The idea is to put more mindfulness into my approach to building a balanced life. So yesterday’s post about Wrestling with the Inner Saboteur pretty much undermined that whole idea. Doh! I guess that’s why this is a learning process.

And I must say that I DID go to my yoga class and I was really glad that I did. I felt fantastic afterwards. I always do. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t quite sure about going to a class but went anyway and then was sorry that I did. Not once. It’s always positive. So why the resistance? I will keep working on letting go of that mentality in favor a more empowering one. I WANT to feel good so I also WANT to work out. Maybe if I keep repeating it, it will come true. Practice makes perfect (or better, at least) as they say.

I decided last minute to get a haircut today at lunch. I think it’s just the ticket for boosting my self-image. It’s a new stylist who’s supposedly good with curly hair. Let’s just say I’m cautiously optimistic. Wish me luck!


Julie said...

Good luck with the new stylist Amelia!

I'm so happy you started a blog! I just had to give you some kudos for going to yoga last night.

I'm so with you on the tendency to self-sabotage like that. Since I don't have the $ to take yoga right now, and no studios of any size close by, I've been struggling with starting my own practice. Granted, I've been struggling with this for years.

One book that really inspires me and can get me motivated to work on self-discipline and fighting the urge to sabotage is "The Yoga of Discipline" by Swami Chidvalisananda. I brought it back on my last DC trip...think I'll revisit it today in your honor. XO

Javabooknut said...

Can't wait to see the hair Amelia. I'm proud of you for going to Yoga. I had every intention of a quiet night at home and at least 30 minutes in the gym but ended up drinking, eating chinese food (read fried rice) and staying up too late. I think some of your inner saboteur jumped off onto me. Oy Vey. When am I going to learn. Well congrats and keep going.


Julie, thanks for the reference. I will check out that book. Discipline has never been my strong suit but I'm working on it! I totally understand what you mean about starting an individual practice at home. I have not had much success with it either. Every day's another opportunity to try again :)

CJ, sometimes the chinese food just calls my name, too. It's all good! We can do this :)

Thanks everybody for reading!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the power we have when it comes to self-sabotage...My friend, I SO understand.

I tell myself, "Why Sheila, why not go out for a run/walk/SOMETHING right now???? You'll feel better, guaranteed!" But, no, at least 75% of the time I don't do it, and so I blow another day's opportunity to be a better me...

Love reading your blog - keep up the quest for balance :)