Thursday, March 20, 2008

The DIY Cookbook is Done!

I have been squirreling away interesting recipes that I come upon here and there on my computer. I would print one out and give it a try every so often but that extra step somehow stopped me from really using these great resources. So, I began printing them out en masse and putting them in a binder using plastic sheet protectors. I have a cute cover sheet and section pages with clip art ornamentation. I also made section tabs with little yellow post-it notes. Aren’t I clever? It’s all very basic but now I have my very own hardcopy compilation of cool recipes!

I also stockpile articles that are more general – like techniques, so I added a section for that. I have information on how to buy knives in a cost-effective way, how to make different types of bread, and how to prepare tofu. I also made a crock-pot section and plan to use that a lot more. And the Cute Man plans on doing one of his famous detoxifications next week so he’ll be confining his diet to just fruits/veggies for the week to kick start his weight loss and cleanse his body of yucky stuff. So, one of the first things I’m going to experiment with is making veggie soups in the crock pot. Those can go a LONG way to filling you up, which won’t be a bad thing for me, either.

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