Friday, March 28, 2008

In Other News

The idea of a Veggie Week fell somewhat flat. I guess it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, of course. I HAVE eaten way more fresh fruits and veggies than I normally do. Score one point! This has helped me stay well within my Points so far this week so I’m in good shape going into the weekend. I have a good chunk of Weekly Points to play with and I certainly will! I plan to head to Trader Joe’s again – I am totally addicted for sure. Otherwise, not too much on tap. I look forward to a great deal of relaxing over the next couple days. I am super tired for some reason.

So what are the big plans for the weekend? Are the DC folks all headed to the Cherry Blossom Festival?


Mama Youtz said...

We are suppose to head there on Saturday, but we haven't heard anything concrete yet!


Dina, live in hope... Just kidding. I hope you guys have fun!