Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts

I have to say that keeping tabs on things through this blog is definitely helping with my mindfulness in terms of eating. The Friday night stir-fry was a success and kept me on track. I handled a bit of a challenge at brunch Saturday by ordering French toast and sausage. I got a really terrific treat and managed to stay on plan the rest of the day. I resisted the movie food even though I was dumb enough to go into the movies without eating dinner first. Big no-no and I know better. I was at least armed with a 100 calorie pack and a bottle of water so I came through it with flying colors. Which brings me to my big epiphany of the weekend...

Some might find this hard to believe, but I made my first trip to Trader Joe's yesterday. I now know the joys of that delightful store. I got a Zip car for the occasion and Cute Man joined me on the expedition, being kind and good as I oohed and ahed and generally took forever. I went a little nuts, not to mention over budget -- seduced by the lovely array of affordable staples and yummy looking prepared foods. A worthy sacrifice of some of my miscellaneous spending money!

So, that brings me to last night, post movie. Instead of going out to eat (which could be tough on the budget, not to mention our mid-sections), we opted to go home and try out some of our TJ finds. I made a stir fry concoction from a frozen bag -- are we detecting a theme here? I DO enjoy a good stir fry! Well, it was GOOD. Very similar to what I made Friday, in a good way. Although I must report that the gelato Cute Man was so excited about was a bit "off". I only had a small bit but it wasn't that great. So not Points-worthy! Well, I guess you can't win them all but today's dinner of extra lean sirloin and asparagus was simple and delicious. The only thing about TJ's was that I had to make a wee stop at Safeway this morning to get some plastic storage bags and a few other things. No big deal, though, and I WILL be back there, I'm sure, in a couple weeks.

I had a VERY encouraging sneak peak this morning on the scale but will wait for tomorrow for the official number to report. I hope everyone had a good weekend. What was your biggest challenge and how did you handle it?

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