Monday, April 28, 2008

Hot or Just Not?

Crabby over at Cranky Fitness posted about looking cool versus like an idiot while exercising. There is the smug factor, of which I am quite aware, particularly when you’re marathon training. There’s nothing like thinking, “Hey, I ran 20 miles already and the rest of the world has barely woken up yet.” THAT can be a powerful feeling. And like Dina mentioned on Sat, getting out to run gives you a legit excuse to wear spandex in public. You’ve EARNED it.

But I can look like a disheveled mess huffing and puffing out in my often mismatched gear. I also have the fun propensity to sprout wings on either side of my head as a result of my curly hair having a sick sense of humor. And the running hat only exacerbates this. The beet red face is also the epitome of HAWT.

Is it worth it? Does the smug-factor outweigh any the self-conscious feelings? For me, I think it’s a break-even. Even though I feel less than bodacious when I’m out there sweating, I DO tend to feel terrific after my shower. I feel all toned up and good about myself. So in the end, it’s worth it for me – I feel better so it’s worth a little embarrassment.

P.S… Note to self: get some cute running clothes so you feel cute even when huffing and puffing. Problem solved! (If only that would solve the wings…)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

And I get the beet-red face too, even though my mileage is far less impressive! It lasts for hours too--quite a look.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with hair wings! I can fix it with one of those rubberized headbands, but then I don't get the shade of my running hat/visor. I just like to think about how hot I will feel after my post-run shower. :)

Anonymous said...

I always think it's awesome when I see people out exercising---I'm so happy that there are those of us working that hard to take care of ourselves!


Sally, you’re totally right – it’s NOT about how I look but what I’m doing to take care of myself. Keep the eye on the prize…

Crabby, I am so not doing major miles right now. That was reliving the past for sure. I’m freaking that I have to four miles on Sat!

Megan, I tried a headband like that but it slides back and doesn’t stay on. And the hat IS key in the summer. I am borderline vampiric in my aversion to the sun!