Friday, April 25, 2008

I am the Caboose

Caboose is a funny word. At least to me. It makes me laugh just saying it. Caboose (Amelia rolls on floor clutching side). How fun that I get to be one! Arlington Road Runners starts up again for the Spring/Summer training season tomorrow and I will be helping out again as a mentor. I was not going to do so this season because I was a pretty crap one over the winter, to be honest, and I wanted to switch gears to running (I was the slow poke walking mentor). But as it turns out, the leadership didn’t process that I had quit in a February email so there I was on the schedule to be the Caboose – aka Sweeper. That’s the last person who makes sure no one is left stranded, etc.

For one day, that’s totally fine. I WAS a bit bummed that I wouldn’t be able to run with Dina and maybe Jim (Laura and Dave will probably be faster). But I will have all summer to do so if our paces wind up staying comfortable so it’s not the end of the world. I am psyched that Mama Duck will most probably join me in my walk since she’s cleared only for walking right now. When June rolls around she’ll be smokin’ us all with her speedy pace.

So we’ll see about the whole mentoring thing. I let them know that I can do it if I can decide on my level after next Sat’s run (when I actually do my intervals). I would probably join the Blue group since that’s about my pace level and they only have one mentor so far. I really don’t care as long as I get to train at an appropriate pace for me while being a mentor for the group. It was just a little awkward last time b/c I had my own goals but they didn’t jibe with the group I was supposed to stick with. As long as that’s not a problem, it’s cool. AND I get to be the Caboose for a day…


Caught Eating Butter said...

God that IS a great word. I think I might add "caboose" to my list of words that would make kick-ass animal names.


Caught Eating Butter, it WOULD make a great animal name. I just checked out your blog. Too funny! I hope things have calmed down after the faux-pology. THAT was a good one. Sheesh.