Friday, April 18, 2008

Yoga and Enchiladas – Two Good Choices

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing a few of the lovely Ducks at a Weight Watchers meeting. Although I’m no longer a meeting-goer, the occasional drop-in is fun. One thing the leader, Kim, gave us was a card with some words on it. I promptly threw it out because I hate extraneous paper. Very nice, I know. But the point of it stuck with me and I picked the word “choose” for my focus today.

Which brings me to the random title of this post: Yoga and Enchiladas. The first opportunity to put this plan into action was whether or not to go to yoga at lunch. I went! I feel great. Good move – score 1 point. The second choice involved whether to give in to my pouty three year old self who was so very hungry after yoga and get Baja Fresh instead of waiting to get back to work and make my TJ Enchiladas. I waited. Score 2 more points (one for making the lower calorie choice, one for making the cheaper one).

I did just suggest that Cute Man and I get takeout, a movie, and some drinks at the carryout on the way home. Hmmm… Well, I’m not much of a drinker, so no big worries there. We wanted to get Juno anyway, so I kind of don’t feel too bad about buying it. It’s the food, as per usual, that is my Achilles heel. I know that I have tons of yummy food in my future (Passover in NJ comes complete with unequaled culinary delights, no doubt) so ordering tofu and mixed veggies doesn’t seem like too bad of a sacrifice. I may whip up some gingery beef or chicken broth to throw them in to. THAT would be good. This would also be a cheaper choice, so if, I mean WHEN I stick with my choice – score 2 more points. That’s 5 for the day and I think that would be a good first attempt.

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