Monday, May 12, 2008

Childhood Lessons

Today at the Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk talked about how everything you need to know about what you’re supposed to be doing can be discerned from looking to your childhood experiences. The suggested that we each think of a memory to help illustrate her point.

The memory that popped into my head was of me running around and splashing in a fountain. I was with my dad and I must have been quite young, maybe five. I just remember the pure joy of being allowed to run and play and get all wet in my clothes without worrying about anything. If I remember correctly, Dad even joined in or at least was having a good time.

It seems like a strange memory to hit me right off the bat. But as Penelope was saying, these types of things can reveal more than you realize at first glance. So what does this memory say about my true life’s desires? Well, I still love water – showers, baths, pools, a lake, the ocean… You name it – if it’s a body of water, I’d gladly jump in it. I’m also still happiest when I’m feeling carefree and being silly with someone I love.

Does this say anything about what I should be doing for a living as Penelope’s article is really about? Not really. If anything it just reinforces my lack of interest in a vocation! I pretty much embody the phase: I work to live not live to work. I don’t look to work to fulfill me or to be my purpose. Who says I have to have a purpose? Maybe the purpose of life is just to enjoy it and have the most fun you can. How about THAT? And for me, work is just the means I use to give me the resources to have that fun and enjoyment in life. As long as I’m not stuck somewhere that sucks the life out of me everyday, I’m pretty much good to go. Get to work for an organization that’s in line with my values and does some good work? Bonus.

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