Monday, May 12, 2008

Progress Feels GOOD

I am so incredibly excited about some real tangible progress I’m about to make on my debt reduction. I am paying off one card (balance: $945.00) in one fell swoop. The idea came about with the whole stimulus package dealio. I expect to get that moolah next Friday, but I’m superstitious about counting my chickens and all that. So I just raided the E-fund and wrote out the check! I have not stuck it in the mail yet because it takes a few days for money to come back over from ING (I requested the transfer last Friday). The timing is all so important because the bill is due on the 20th. It should all work out if I mail it tomorrow or Wed. When (or if) the tax money does come through, I’ll transfer some of it back over to the E-fund to bring it back closer to my minimum comfort level of $1000. Then, it can build itself slowly again.

I also will pay off another card (balance $63) when my next paycheck comes. That will leave me with just two cards left. One with about $500 and the other with $5000. Between my regularly scheduled consolidation payments, my extra $100/paycheck payments, and additional snowflaking, my goal is to be debt free by the start of 2009. Wouldn’t THAT be fantastic? Again, not counting those chickens but you gotta dream big, ya know?


MJ said...

That's awesome! I can concur that any progress feels great... that's where MY tax refund went to (not the rebate, as I haven't figured that yet).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on paying off that card!