Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today is a “busy day”. It’s one of those days that it would be so easy just to bag the run. No one would begrudge me the time to get everything sorted before my flight to Las Vegas early tomorrow morning. I am working at two jobs today, for goodness sake. But that’s not where my heart’s desire lies. I WANT to run. I want to feel good and all worked out before sitting on a 5 hour flight.

So, I devised a plan: Leave at 1:30 today. That’s what personal time is for, right? All I had to do was ask. And, I don’t have to deduct the leave after all because of all the extra “work” time I’ll be putting in with the travel. How’s that for a good result? I get to hit the work-gym and do my quick 2 mile run, shower, and then pick up my (hopefully correct) glasses and contacts. It occurred to me last night that I’d really want to wear glasses on the plane and it would be helpful if the prescription was actually accurate. That should leave me time to grab a light bite before my stint at the yoga studio tonight.

The good thing is that I’m mostly packed already so I don’t have to freak out about that when I get home. I will get it all done and not have to stress about it at all. I am so glad I chose to put myself first and just ask for what I needed.

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Safe travels!