Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Melting Down/Sucking It Up

Darn you, delicious pita chips! Your crispy saltiness is my nemesis. I will allow you to torment me no longer. Be gone!

After two consecutive melt downs involving these luscious temptresses, they are no longer welcome in the abode. Sniff…

In fact, the Cute Man and I have decided to eschew all carbiliciousness for the near future.* Just to get a handle on things since they have gone woefully awry lately. For the record, I am not a carb-hater in any way. I think all the food groups have their place. Where I go astray, however, is in the realm of what Hungry Girl called “dry carbs” in her daily post (and I swear CM and I talked about and decided on this game plan BEFORE reading HG today). Great minds think alike – maybe *I* should compile a recipe book. Oh, wait. I have. It’s a binder complete with cheesy clip art and plastic sheet protectors, but I digress…

In an effort to bolster our flagging willpower, we will avoid bringing those types of food into the house.* I will continue to count my points but eat in a way much more consistent with the Core Plan (for all you Weight Watchers aficionados out there). I have a nice big box of fruits and veggies slated to arrive tomorrow night and we will hit Trader Joe’s over the weekend for additional provisions.

In addition to this food related plan, I pledge to “get back on track” with my activity. The Vegas trip threw off my momentum and I need to suck it up and just do it already. Otherwise, I’ll keel over when I get to Saturday’s five mile run. On that note, I’m off to make good on this by hitting the work gym now during lunch.

*Notable exception: the Vitatops I just ordered yesterday before I made this decision. They are high fiber so I don’t think they’ll throw off the plan too bad in and of themselves, if they’re the only exception.


Anonymous said...

you rock girlfriend! I just read that article on HG about dry carbs and what she said really makes sense! All about listening to your body!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

I live in DC too, and I'm interested in knowing more about the big box of fruits and veggies that you are expecting. Do you have them delivered? I would love something like that, but the company I discovered a few years ago has gone out of business. Do share!


Hugs to D!!!!

Asset Gatherer, I use to get my fruits/veggies delivered. They’re awesome!