Thursday, June 12, 2008

Careful, But Not Cheap

I took this quiz about being cheap at, and my cheapness quotient rated as 20.

Here’s what they said:
Finally! A sane person. You’re careful with your money, but never cheap. You know that what goes around comes around and that a thank-you goes a long way.

Take this quiz yourself and let me know how you score:


Anonymous said...

I'm a 19


Red Sox Liz said...

I'm a 24. Here's what mine said: "Wow. Can we be friends? ’Cause ours are a bunch of cheap schmucks (see the 0–7 point group). Still, as much as we’d like to join your jet-setting adventures, we worry that you’re mismanaging your money. Check that account balance sometime, won’t you? (Unless you’re sitting on a trust fund, in which case we’ll see you at Masa at 8pm.)"

But this is why I am reading the Dave Ramsey book that Dina sent me. Then I can be more like you guys. :)



Dina - why am I not surprised?

Liz, if I took that quiz a few years ago, I'd have been off the charts. I was completely out of control. So, it sounds like you're on the road to getting your stuff sorted out. If I can do it, ANYONE can!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amelia! Email me and i'll mail your coupon :)


GwenMarieDC said...

I'm a 19 too - I'm way surprised. I was more honest at the end than the begining though...

MJ said...

Forgot the number, but I got the same comment that you did, Amelia.... good quiz, although half the NYC references were somewhat lost on me.