Monday, June 23, 2008

Not Giving Up

I have been avoiding the scale. I know the news will not be good. My eating habits have not been matching up with my so-called intentions. It’s a simple and as painful as that. I really want to learn how to eat real food and not go overboard. The shortcuts don’t work, at least not for long. Although I feel some frustration with the idea of starting over, I logically realize that this is a life-long process. There is no real “start”, nor will there be an end point. It’s just an ebb and flow of monitoring my health and my weight.

Of all problems to have, I guess I should count myself among the lucky. I am grateful that I am otherwise healthy and happy with my life. I have one major area to focus on* and I know I have the resources and support to do the necessary work. I’m really sorry if this all sounds like a broken record – it honestly does to me. But maybe I can kick my butt back into action and make some headway. It’s worth a shot!

*This blog deals with the two things I’m dealing with: weight and finances. I feel much more in control and confident in my debt repayment plans than in the weight/health related area.


Anonymous said...

I'm also kind of restarting/kickstarting my healthy life plan (it sounds nicer than a weight loss plan). I have a million excuses, some good (I've been sick and coughing like crazy and therefore, sleeping instead of working out), some not so good (I've been sick and therefore, feeding my cold with cupcakes). I'm using to track my food for at least a few weeks, see where I'm doing well and where I'm not doing well.

You're not alone :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

That's a great way to look at things--that you've got one main thing to focus on and it's a life-long process.

Good luck--sounds like you're motivated and ready to make some healthy changes.

Katherine said...
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Thanks Megan and Crabby. I just finished my meal plan for next week. Hopefully, that'll give me some structure. That usually helps me get going.