Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Progress Report

After more than a whole week doing my best to avoid sugar and processed carbs, I’m feeling great. I got some agave syrup to put in my coffee and it’s actually good. This bodes well…

Here are the goals I set previously and how I’m doing on them:

1. Activity: FAIR – I have been attending my Tues and Thurs yoga classes and walking (just not as many times as I intended). Room to improve!

2. Food: GOOD – This is going very well. My cravings have subsided and I find myself thinking of food less and less.

I forgot to jump on the scale to see if there was any progress in that department. When I took a peek last week, I was actually UP a bit. I am not deterred because I am trying to change my whole outlook and way of relating to food. It’s going to take some time to adjust. I am eating far too much cheese and salami. A little is OK, but I need to reel it in. But overall, I feel so much better and think I’m less bloated. I’m in no way looking for a quick fix, rather a way that I can deal with food in more healthy way.


My Year Without said...

wow, what a cool, motivating blog! you have tackled some of the most daunting issues one can have (weight loss, cutting out sugar, cutting out sugar, economical issues, etc.) and you seem to have such a positive attitude!

love it, love it!

keep up the inspiration as it easily inspires others!

Anonymous said...

Great work! I've actually been stepping things up a bit too. I've been going to the gym every day at lunch (need to re-up my membership - ick) and I rejoined Weight Watchers to force me to stay on track with the eating


Thanks you so much My Year Without! I have been following your blog as well, which is giving me lots of ideas on how to keep it up.

Megan, it sounds like you’re doing so well! You’re in the DC area, right? If you are looking for added Weight Watchers support, my wonderful friends the Ducks are on the WW community boards. You can find us by doing a search for DC Ducks. Please feel free to pop in – it’s a fantastic group both online and offline (optional – some of us like to get together).

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant. I did a vegan month and loved it! Well done you!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I gotta try the agave syrup; I keep hearing good things about it.

And I think skipping the scale can be a very positive thing!

Glad you're feeling great.