Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stepping It Up a Notch

I think I’m on to something with the low carb approach. I feel much better overall and love that the cravings are starting to quiet back down after my run-in with ice cream cake last weekend. It is interesting how I can really feel the difference.

So the piece that is lacking right now is the activity. I love my two yoga classes per week but I have been slacking off on my daily walks. I’m also feeling that I need to add more intensity plus some strength training into the mix. That led me to think about hiring a trainer. A co-worker of mine works with one right in our fitness room at work. I even emailed him for his rates. $65 per session. $60 if it’s two people. Uh, no.

But just in time I got an email from The Still Point. They are around the corner from my house in downtown Takoma Park. I’ve gotten my nails done and massages there in the past and it’s a lovely spa type place. Now they’re branching out into yoga/fitness classes and health related workshops. The Personal Daily Fitness Class really caught my eye. It’s a circuit of resistance training exercises done in a group setting several times a week. I’m going to a free class tonight to try it out.

If it’s what I expect, this could really serve my purposes well. The pricing is best when you commit to package deals – 5 classes for $90 or unlimited classes for 3 months for $300. This would make a dent in my budget but not nearly as much as hiring a trainer. And it’s also time to put my money where my mouth is. If I could do this on my own for free, I would have done it already! I do not mind spending money when it’s on something that will help me. I struggle with self-motivating when it comes to fitness so spending some money to help me get it done is money well spent.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

UPDATE: Since the class is just starting up, I was the only one there. So it WAS a personal training session. The trainer, Scott, was really good and I felt like I got a good workout in. I’m definitely planning to sign up. It’s Tues and Thurs evenings plus Sat mornings. He is thinking of adding more days/times, which would be good since I have my Vinyasa yoga class (more vigorous) on Tuesdays. It wouldn’t kill me to double up, but it would be better to do it on another day like Monday. I had Gentle yoga yesterday but that certainly didn’t tire me out too badly.

I must say that I am both relieved and excited. As much as I value my health, I cannot afford a personal trainer all to myself. This plan is way more bang for my buck. Hopefully, it will help me create a consistent schedule of workouts enabling me to get into better shape.

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Anonymous said...

How fabulous Amelia! Well done you! I find my carbs and dairy need to be in low doses for me to have energy!