Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Holidays’ Effect on Weight and Finances

The training sessions 3 times a week are going great. I’m starting to really feel better. But my eating is NOT going well. I am off track in a big way. It seems to be awfully hard for me to do both things well at the same time. I’m trying not to beat myself up too bad about that. I’m just going to keep my focus on the activity for now because it’s truly helping me feel better. I’m still going to try to keep the carbs to a minimum but I’m OK with easing up on that for the time being.

Financially, the holidays have not bankrupted me but I have thrown some of my savings goals out like the baby with the bathwater. I will resume normal savings levels with the new year. I realize that sometimes, money IS for spending and it’s OK. As long as it’s mine and not on credit, I’m within my rights to change my goals, etc.

So basically, I’m treading water a bit in both aspects of my life. I’m not making much progress but I’m not backsliding either. For a particularly hard time of year for both weight loss efforts and finances, I’ll keep that outcome in the “win” column.

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Anonymous said...

good to see you blogging again..your thoughts are always interesting to read!
Love ya!