Monday, October 10, 2011

Meal Planning with Paleo Comfort Foods

I decided to get a little more intentional with my cooking and try some new recipes from Paleo Comfort Foods, a brand new cookbook I bought recently. I picked out a few dishes that caught my eye and spread them out over the week. I'm starting off with just dinners, pretty much. I can save some leftovers for lunches, which will be helpful, and fill in with some sliders and squash soup I'm going to make today. I plan to take pictures and report on how each come out this week. Today will be the busiest since I'm off from work. Here's how the week is shaping up:

Squash soup (PCF p. 140)
Farmer’s Pie (PCF p. 290)
(Includes cauliflower mashed potatoes PCF p. 172)
[sliders for lunches]
Pumpkin Cookies

Fish Tacos (PCF p. 256)

Stuffed Peppers (PCF p. 296)

Pecan Crusted Fish (PCF p. 250)

Shrimp Skillet (PCF p. 252)

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