Thursday, April 11, 2013

Focus on: Healing Foods, Working out, Staying Positive

Ever since the end of my last Whole 30 that ended in late January, I have been struggling. I am in a state of push-pull between my desire to be healthy and my desire for cookies :) In all seriousness, I am undermining my healthy ways with sugar. I can’t seem to stop. I go back and forth about trying doing another Whole 30 (even my language is equivocating!) Part of me is resentful that all that I am doing right is just not enough. The logical part of me knows that it takes work to succeed. I need to get over it. But everytime I start to resolve to take on another month of strict Paleo, I rebel against the restriction. This inner battle has left me treading water and getting nowhere.

Although I’m trying not to make this about my weight, I have noticed that my clothes are fitting more snuggly and I’m just not feeling fabulous right now. Working out helps. I’ve stuck with The Smarter Science of Slim workouts (two short but intense workouts a week) for the most part, missing a couple here and there for travel or work conflicts. The times I did miss my workouts were the lowest in terms of how I was feeling about myself so I know those are an absolute must not only for my physical wellbeing, but mental health as well.

Moving forward, in terms of food, I’m going to focus on what I do want to be including as opposed to just thinking about what I “can’t” have. Yes, sugar is going resolutely into the “no” category but I’m keeping my Stevia and sugar free baking like the recipes available on Maria’s Blog. I also want to try these Chocolate Chip Cookies using Stevia (I seem to need CCCs in my life). I’m aware that those foods aren’t the most nutrient dense and that they’re a crutch. But the idea of having them as an option makes my toddler brain calm down – tantrum averted.

Additionally, I’m focusing on incorporating some healing foods like bone broth and kombucha, both of which I make at home and drink at least once a day. I also add some Great Lakes Kosher Gelatinto whatever I can – mixed into hot tea or made into gummies. Gelatin, prevalent in the broth and as a supplement, is very healing to the gut and is great for supporting joint health. It’s also awesome for your hair and nails. Another addition that makes a big difference for me is magnesium. I take Natural Calm stirred into hot water in the evening (it can make you sleepy). Many people are deficient and it’s needed for hundreds of bodily functions. I somehow stopped taking it for awhile and saw an uptick in my sugar cravings – I can’t swear that it’s related, but I am guessing that it is. Taking it also helps the muscle soreness I get after my workouts. This is going back on the daily plan. Lastly, having a substantial breakfast including at least 30 grams of protein (equal to about 3 eggs) is essential for starting the day off right and keeping my hunger in check for the rest of the day.

So that’s the non-plan plan for now. I will do my best to keep the emphasis on taking the best care of myself that I can as opposed to sinking to the dieting mentality that only serves to derail me. How are you doing with your healthy living plans? Any tips you can share?

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