Friday, May 10, 2013

The Perfect Health Diet - Take Two!

It’s no secret that I’ve been having a tough time lately in the food department. I’m doing my best to stay positive and get myself back on track. Toward that end, I’m giving the Perfect Health Diet (PHD) another shot. The first attempt was an utter disaster, mostly because it was during the holidays and I was not only incorporating starch and fruit into my diet, I was falling prey to holiday treats (aka sugar). This time around, I’ve got a solid plan in place and it’s going well so far (Day 4 as I write this).

I have determined that sugar just has to be a “no” for me, in the way I view gluten. It’s super scary but I know in my heart it’s true. I’m not saying that I’ll NEVER eat another bit of sugar again, but for now, I’m putting it in that category so I don’t have to think about it or agonize over how much is OK. In a similar vein, I’m avoiding anything that might trigger me. During my first attempt, I tried to make some rice pasta. Big mistake! I fell headfirst into my first bowl of “spaghetti” I’d had in years. Totally sent me over a cliff. For starch, I’m sticking to starchy veggies and rice for now because it’s easy to measure out a half cup and not feel compelled to eat more. If that goes well for a couple weeks, I may try some other things every now and then, but in a portion controlled way (only make enough for that meal so I’m not tempted to eat more).

To keep my blood sugar stable, I’m using what I learned back when I was doing the second step of the Metabolism Miracle. If I limit my carbs to just a single portion (one piece of fruit or about a half cup of starchy veg or rice), I don’t send myself reeling on the blood sugar rollercoaster. I’m incorporating that one portion into each meal and one snack a day, trying to evenly space out my dose of carbs every 3-5 hours. This strategy is keeping my total net carbs to about 100-125 per day, taking into account that there are also small amounts of carbs in the non-starchy veggies and nuts I eat as well.

I am not attempting the intermittent fasting that is an option on the PHD, at least not yet. I’m trying to send the message to my body that there is abundant nutrition – not too much, not too little. My whole day seems to go better when I have a big whack of protein in the morning. I’m doing my best to get in the 3 egg yolks per day, but am otherwise taking it easy on fat. I’m not afraid of it, but I know that with the addition of the carbs, I don’t need quite as much as I did when staying very low carb. I’m still eating regular versions of things (no low fat junk or anything), but I’m cutting back on how much butter and other added fats I cook with and put on my food (not eliminating, just cutting in back).

I’m making vats of bone broth in my crock pot and drinking it by the mug-full as well as using it to flavor my food (cooking rice in it, reducing it down for sauces, making soups). My nails are the strongest I’ve ever seen them (I’ve been hard core about the broth for about a month at this point). Another benefit is that the flavor it adds to food is a good way to reduce the amount of fat I want use. I alternate making chicken and beef broth since those are my favorites.

It’s only been a few days, but I’m feeling pretty good so far. I’m keeping up with my Smarter Science of Slim workouts, which are low in time commitment and high in results. It’s amazing how strong I’m getting! There is something about following through on a plan that really boosts my mood and confidence. And with only two 15 minutes workouts to worry about, it’s pretty easy to keep that commitment.

I should also mention that I'm continuing to keep the focus OFF weight loss. That tends to make me a bit crazy. My goal is to take the very best care of me and do the things that I know will help me feel my best.

Any updates on your end? What have you been doing lately to further your healthy goals? 

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Heather said...

Amelia. I enjoy reading your updates. I myself have struggled with food, body image for years! I weighed 298 when I was sixteen, my heaviest I've ever been. I went on a diet lost 60 lbs. in 3 months. I started doing drugs, binging and purging and my health deteriotrated. For years I had convinced myself that bread, cookies, ice cream was bad, and if I ate it, I was bad. I have come a long way, now weighing 219. After reading "the diet cure" which I highly recommend, I started to go gluten free, eat at least 20 grams of protein with each meal, and wow, I feel a difference. I have more energy and feel upbeat. I do recognize when I eat sugar my mood gets emotional wreck. but hey, we live in a world where we celebrate with sugar! we get married-cake, we enjoy a birthday-cake, sugar is a way we celebrate. Its crazy. Sometimes I want to join in have a piece of cake, instead of feeling like a bit of an outsider or the 'one on a diet' so I DO enjoy a sliver of cake and sure why not some ice cream. :) I then watch and observe the way I feel. Not judging myself, or beating myself down. Just noticing what my body says. I look back on my own journey of health. How I've become more comfortable in wearing short sleeves. I always used to cover them up because I've got 'wings'. There is ice cream in the freezer, its been there for weeks! I used to binge on that stuff. I guess what I'm saying is lets be gentle on ourselves. We are spiritual beings in a physical body. It will take time to learn what works and makes our bodies sing. :)