Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Healthy Identity (Keto Update)

My (awesome) workplace is hosting an active week right now and today we had a discussion about overcoming barriers to making a healthier lifestyle a reality. While participating, I got to thinking (and sharing) about my general attitude towards health and wellness.

One of the biggest things that came to mind was how I choose to think about healthy behaviors. It's not something I "have" to do, not even a choice, really. Over the past few years, I've solidified my feelings about food and movement into a very important part of my identity. Just look at how I chose to name my blog: Healthy Amelia. It's how I am -- not even who I would like to be or plan to be. It's who I am. I am Healthy Amelia. It doesn't mean that I'm perfect or even that I'm where I'd like to be, but it's still who I am.

I have managed to embrace the process instead of focusing on the outcome. The latter brings nothing but frustration, in my experience. I regress from time to time, lamenting that I'm not "there" yet. "There" is always a moving target, though, so putting my attention on that is futile. Coming back to a love of the process and joy in taking the very best care of myself, regardless of outcome, makes this whole endeavor not only easier, but more worthwhile and enjoyable.

I'm not exactly sure when this shift happened but I'm grateful it did.

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