Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cute Baby Chronicles: Containing the Excitement

This was written on August 29, 2014...

I just can't seem to contain this excitement. All I want to do is read pregnancy blogs and listen to podcasts. I've also started mining the internet for good movies. I'm all about my beloved Knocked Up and What to do When You're Expecting, but I need some variety. Suggestions welcome! I've even started looking at maternity clothes online... Soon will come the books, but I just don't have the attention span for those yet! Gotta check Audible...

Meanwhile, mum's the word of course. It feels so weird not to share something I'm THIS excited about, you know? I'm pretty sure I'll wind up spilling the beans to the fam when I visit both sides next weekend. But maybe not. I go back and forth on this. I'm definitely not mentioning it at work for obvious reasons.

As for what I usually talk about here... I'm still tracking my food in My Fitness Pal. Surprised? No, I have not developed Pregorexia (which is a very real and sad thing). However, I know that eating well is super important, now more than ever. Having a detailed record can only be helpful down the road. I changed my settings to "maintain your weight" and it seems like such a boon to eat that much! If I start to feel restricted, I will raise it or ignore the "limit". That is not what I'm doing here -- I'm not counting calories to try and avoid weight gain. I'm sure some WILL happen. But, it does serve me (and Cute Baby) well to keep things on an even keel and not go overboard with weight gain which would make things harder on me in the long run and add stress to my body, which is working hard enough as it is!

I now have my first appointment (with sonogram!) scheduled for a few weeks from now when I'll be around 8 weeks along. It feels so weird to not go in right away, like it isn't even real at this point because an expert hasn't declared me "pregnant". Well, I guess I'll just have to dig deep for some patience.... I took photos of the positive tests and my belly has felt strange all week, like very mild cramps. It might all just be in my head, but I'm rolling with it! If nothing else, my cycle is nowhere to be seen, which is of course, reassuring (and bizarre!)

And I'm very much looking forward to my second ever prenatal yoga class tomorrow :) I'm a happy mama-to-be!

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