Monday, December 22, 2014

Prenatal Yoga

Still waiting before posting this... Writing on August 28, 2014.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it has been a dream of mine to someday get to go to a prenatal yoga class. It seems so silly, but I was incredibly excited to have finally earned the right to go to one of these classes. The teacher and teaching assistant were both incredibly welcoming and introduced themselves to me right away, realizing I was new to the class despite the fact that the rather large studio room had over 30 women in it. They helped me set up this little incline made out of two yoga blocks and a couple of blankets plus a bolster under the knees. Although not yet necessary for me at this early stage, later on it's not recommended for pregnant women to lay flat on their backs. Regardless, it felt nice and supportive. I enjoyed it! I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude that I even felt some tears as the class got going and I was laying there, comfy and happy where I'd always wanted to be.

The class pace was perfect -- not too fast but definitely challenging. There were a few poses that we did 1 min on/1 min off to practice breathing through discomfort. Although wall-sits are difficult, they are a far cry from labor, I am sure. But the idea is there. You can survive being uncomfortable/in pain for short periods of time, especially if you know it will be intermittent.

The last part of class had us pairing up for some tandem stretching. It was nice to chat and get to know someone else in the class, which I'm sure was why they did that. The class ended with final relaxation in the supportive Sivasana pose in which we started and I again felt the tears come. I still cannot believe this is finally happening but at the same time, I have this incredible sense of peace, knowing it is the right time - the journey to this point has been completely worth it.

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